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Information for Fieldcraft Day 

Saturday 12 May at Pate's Grammar School



Cadets are to be dropped off at school at 0845hrs and can be collected at 1645hrs.



Cadets should bring a packed lunch, and a refillable water bottle which they can carry with them between activities.  



Cadets are to wear the uniform they normally wear for CCF on Fridays.   EAch cadet should bring their smock.  Showers are expected during the day so they should bring their smock and some spare clothes to change into at the end of the day.

Cadets should bring ear defenders if they have them.  If not, they will be provided. 



Cadets will be firing the cadet rifle in the 25m range.  Each cadet will be re-tested on the Weapons Handling Test and briefed on marksmanship principles prior to being allowed into the range.  The range will be run by two range-qualified adult instructors. 

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